Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Coming Home

On Friday November 28th when the triplets were three weeks old we were able to bring them home. The night before we went to pick them up our house was ransacked by some unknown individuals who must have known they were coming home. We have inquired around town, but no one is talking. I suspect they know, but are turning a blind eye to the incident. I am sure that it must be the work of a secret combination. I have inquired of my friends who are all adiment that they were home in bed. All of them have a hint of frost bite on their noses though which is a little suspicious.

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Sydney said...

OH!!! so good to see you Nick!! We are ssssooo very far away but you hold a HUGE part of my heart in your hands!! Miss you so much. Thank you for keeping up this blog Steve. I so very much appreciate it. love, jo